What Is The Course About?

The course provides kids with skills and knowledge on how to use ICT tools to understand the ever advancing technology that is happening in the modern world.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, the kids should be able to:

  • Use basic programs like paint to draw graphics and presentation tools
  • Use the operating system and applications
  • Create and manage an effective ICT integrated learning environment
  • Sustain virtual collaborations with peers on educational environments
Learning Outcomes
  • To be aware of the range of reasons for using ICT.
  • To enable the child to use a range of ICT tools in a relevant curriculum context.
  • To critique the strategies for developing ICT over time.
  • To analyse the strengths and weakness of different decision-making mechanisms.
  • To develop the child’s understanding and practice of the safe use of ICT.
  • To support the development of the child’s social skills through cooperative learning and problem-solving.
  • To inform the child’s attitudes regarding the role of ICT in society, including the benefits and challenges of ICT use.
Where will the classes take place?

The intake is in progress. The course is taking place at Watu Career Development Institute, Donholm, Nairobi, Kenya.

Target Audience

Primary kids between the age of 6 – 12 years


Resources such as computers and manuals will be provided


ICT is a global phenomenon and kids who are computer literate at an early stage of their lives might deal better with the modern world. A sound knowledge of ICT will make it much easier for kids to find and organize information.


The course takes 3 months

What To Expect

At the end of the course kids should be able to know and get comfortable with the computers and the ICT-environment


The fee for the full course is Ksh 6000 and a compulsory of Ksh.500 for registration. It can be paid through the following ways;

KCB Bank
Account Name: Watu Technology Limited
Account Number: 1170843670

Till Name: Watu Career Development Institute
Till Number: 648962


It is important that kids become familiar with ICT at an early age, because they will need those skills for the remainder of their education and in adult life. The knowledge of ICT is vital as it will also help the kids achieve better results in other subjects and to find what they need and use information in particular ways.